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So, you’ve decided to fire up the old classic System Shock 2, recently released on GOG and now Steam (check out this article if you want a good read as to why it’s taken so damn long). You may have noticed that the polygon count is a bit too low and the texture resolution is quite blurry and you just want to bump things up a little in the graphical fidelity department. Well, never fear, this guide will help you turn SS2 into a Crysis killer! Maybe not..

Fix Guide: SimCity 4

By Andrew Tsai, March 24, 2013 0 Modding Guide
SimCity 4 header

Right now may be the perfect time to put SimCity (2013) on the backburner until Maxis fixes all the problems (traffic, user agent, always online DRM) or until the modders fix it for us. If you want to scratch that city building itch in the meantime, turn to SimCity 4. Not only does SimCity 4 not require an always-online connection to play, the game has aged wonderfully, it works well on modern systems (with a few mods and tweaks) and it has a decade of user-generated mods and content that has overhauled the game.

The following guide will help start you off on getting the game working from scratch, implement some quality of life improvements, and introduce you to one of the most successful and prolific modding communities in PC gaming. Remember to check out the up-to-date guides on running SimCity 4 and SimCity (2013) up on PCGamingWiki, the user-editable resource listing fixes for every PC game.