Port Report: Trials Evolution Gold Edition


Port Reports are a new series of quick first impressions of the technical aspects of a PC game. This report was written by PCGamingWiki contributor EdenCrow. For an up to date account of Trials Evolution′s fixes and improvements, please visit PCGamingWiki.

The Trials series started with a flash game, before becoming a full PC title and after that moving to Xbox Live Arcade, but now the series is back again on the PC with Trials Evolution Gold Edition, a port of the XBLA title Trials Evolution. However, this is more than just a straight port. The in-game editor, track sharing and global leader boards have all been updated to better suit the PC and every Trials HD level has been re-created in the Evolution engine too (although oddly the DLC from neither game have been included). Easy to use Facebook and YouTube sharing have also been integrated.



The port itself does many things right. The keys are fully rebindable, the use of an Xbox controller is plug-and-play and there are some options for the likes of V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing which, although more options would have been preferable, often make the game look crisper than its console counterpart.

Surprisingly there is also the inclusion of local multiplayer for up to four players. However, despite a day one patch that has fixed some issues, the game does suffer graphically, especially in the larger areas from Trials Evolution. Even on systems which exceed the system requirements there can quite often be noticeable FPS drops, screen tearing, lag and other graphical glitches which do impact gameplay. Also, although it does provide decent online features, the integration of UPlay can sometimes have you waiting for longer than you should as it saves and loads data from the cloud. Overall Trials Evolution Gold Edition is a reasonable PC port with some nice extra features. However, while we can hope they are fixed in future updates, the graphical problems currently pose a significant problem to players. This report examined versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.2. For an up to date account of Trials Evolution Gold Edition's fixes and improvements, please visit PCGamingWiki.

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  • http://twitter.com/crazy_buZzpuNk Kyle Buswell

    I would have to disagree with you
    about the ‘reasonable PC port’. The game is almost identical to the Xbox
    version, and the graphical options do nothing to separate it from the XBLA
    titles either. The texture resolution has barely been touched for the port, so
    the same ugly SD textures are everywhere. The only ‘pc-centric’ option to note
    would be the inclusion of AA, however you are only given the option between no
    AA and the lack luster FXAA. Texture pop-ins are also incredibly prevalent
    here, so between these problems, expect to see some soupy graphics.

    Also, the game speed is tied to the frame rate, so don’t be expecting nice
    crisp 120+ FPS gameplay here. The game is limited to a constant 60FPS, and for
    a lot of users frame drops are a major concern (, although on my 660ti I
    haven’t had these problems).

    The save times are also incredibly poor as connecting to the sub-par Uplay
    servers can often take an incredible amount of time. And for me, the YouTube
    connectivity has been nothing but bothersome.

    The lack of included DLC was the icing on this cake of disappointment. What we
    have been sold here is two incomplete, badly ported games rushed out to market
    for the sake of grabbing some extra money. Expect to be milked dry with the
    four DLC packs.

    In conclusion, just don’t bother with it.