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Port Report: Resident Evil 6

By Dillon, March 24, 2013 0 Port Report
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Port Reports are a new series of quick first impressions of the technical aspects of a PC game. This report was written by PCGamingWiki contributor Dillonator. For an up to date account of Resident Evil 6′s fixes and improvements, please visit PCGamingWiki.

Mediocrity at its… finest?

I really don’t know where to stand with Capcom and their ports to PC. They give me a moment of uncertainty when I look at an upcoming game from the Japanese giants. The quality of their games (in terms of well produced software) ranges from downright terrible, along with a previous love affair with GFWL, to not so terrible. I have to say, I’m giving every publisher and developer with a poor track record of PC ports another chance. Now that PC gaming is getting bigger and the next generation consoles will be using x86 w/Directx11, it should be simple for devs to not make terrible games. Right?